Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Health

February is traditionally national pet dental health month, but here at Beaver Brook Pet Center we recognize the crucial role good dental care plays in overall health year round.


194_cat_periodontal_frosted.jpg The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.  When infection exists in the mouth, it is shed into the blood stream, creating the potential for systemic infection, kidney disease, heart disease and a shortened life span.  Gum disease, cavities and exposed roots are also painful!  Contrary to popular belief, "doggie breath" or "cat breath" is not normal.  Bad breath in dogs or cats is often indicative of dental disease.
While home care is a necessary (and often neglected) piece of the puzzle, professional cleaning under anesthesia is the only way to clean below the gumline, polish the teeth, and treat the painful effects of dental disease.

       Before professional           After professional cleaning
       dental cleaning                 at Beaver Brook Pet Center
before_frosted.jpg after_frosted.jpg

Check out these FAQs about Pet Dental Care in this topic's drop down menu to find out more:
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Treatment of Oral Disease
Why is General Anesthesia Needed?

Please call us to schedule a dental cleaning and to get your pet smelling sweet and feeling good with a healthy mouth.  We now offer digital dental x-rays to detect any painful issues beneath the surface of the gum line.

We highly recommend routine professional periodontal cleanings to prevent larger issues from developing and to increase your pet's life expectancy.