Reducing Feline Stress at Veterinary Visits

cat5_frosted.JPG Excerpt from an article by Boehringer Ingeheim  ~

One reason cats are sometimes taken to the vet less often than dogs may be pet owners' sense that travel and veterinary visits are more stressful for cats than dogs.  Here are some tips to help keep cats calm and make the visit more enjoyable.

Transporting your cat to the clinic: cat3.JPG

  • Use a top-loading carrier so the cat can easily be removed from and placed into the carrier
  • Ideally, the top half should come completely off allowing the cat to remains inside the bottom half during the exam ~ tell your vet if you prefer this option
  • Leave the carrier out and open in an easily accessible area for several days before the appointment
  • Create a comfortable environment inside the carrier with blankets, toys or an article of clothing from a favorite person ball_of_string.JPG
  • Reinforce the cat's positive associations with the carrier using treats, food and calm praise
  • Once the cat is comfortable with the carrier, take him or her for a few short rides, but make sure the experience is positive
  • Withhold food before the trip to reduce motion sickness
  • Thirty minutes prior to leaving, spray a synthetic feline pheromone in the carrier to help keep the cat calm ~ this is available for purchase at Beaver Brook Pet Center and pet supply stores
  • Drape a blanket or towel over the carrier to reduce motion sickness

girl_kitty_frosted.JPG Then, at the clinic, we are committed to making your cat's time here more comfortable and reducing anxiety during his or her exam in every way possible.  Come bring your cat in for a visit and get him or her protected from disease and diagnose any health issues so they can live a long, happy life with you!