Pet DNA Testing


Have you ever wondered what your mixed breed dog's ancestry is?  Most of us that own mixes are quick to speculate as to our dog's heritage.

"Is he a Chow mix?  I think he's part German Shepherd.  She's got to have some Aussie in her!"

Sound familiar?  Well, now there's a scientific answer to those questions!  Mars Veterinary has designed the Wisdom Panel, a DNA test that can give you concrete answers about your dog's heritage.  Using the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis test can identify over 2500 breeds; potentially explaining physical characteristics, breed-typical behaviors as well as signals to a possible predisposition towards certain health conditions.

Beaver Brook Pet Center works with Mars Veterinary and Royal Canin to provide this service to you.  All it takes is a quick blood draw.  Call us to set up an appointment - we'll have you and your dog in and out in just a few minutes and in 3 to 4 weeks you'll have answers!